Frequently Asked Questions

When Is My Rent Due? When Will Late Fees Hit?

Rent is due the 1st – 5th each month. On the 6th of every month, late fees will be applied in the amount of $25 to resident accounts with an overdue balance. 

How Am I Able To Pay My Rent?

Residents can make payments online through the resident portal (located on our website, top left of screen on website). Contact the office to get yours set up.

What Utilities Am I Responsible For?

Each apartment is responsible for setting up electricity services through West Penn Power. All accounts must be set-up within the first week of move-in. Only one resident needs to set it up in their name for the apartment. It is up to all the roommates to determine how they are paying the delegated account holder each month for their equal share of the bill.


*A $25 service fee per bill, per person will be applied each month if it remains in The Height’s name.

If I Have a Car, Do I Need a Parking Pass?

Yes. Every resident must purchase a resident parking pass from the leasing office.

All residents must display their parking pass at all times on their vehicle. 


One resident parking pass per resident. Only one car per resident permitted. Resident parking passes are $50 annually.

How Do I Use The Tanning Bed?

You will need to use your key fob to enter the clubhouse—you will need to sign into the tanning log and set the tanning bed in the clubhouse study lounge. Tanning is only available during office hours and is for resident use only.

What Do I Do if I Am Locked Out of My Apartment/Bedroom?

You will need to contact our maintenance department for any lock outs after office hours. You must call the office and follow the prompts for emergency/on-call maintenance. A $35 lock out fee applies. If you have a lock out during business hours, you can contact the leasing office directly. 

What Do I Need to Do if I Am Bringing a Pet?

You will need to sign a pet addendum, follow our pet policy guidelines, and submit a pet fee of $350 and pay monthly pet rent of $30 per month prior to bringing the pet to your home.